Summer Home Makeover Tips by Elite Interior Designer Radhika Sharma

Updated: May 1, 2019

Now that summer is in full swing, you might be looking for the perfect escape for some rest and relaxation. If a distant hill station or Europe isn’t in your plans, why not redesign your home to bring the vacation vibes home? See what décor tips our expert designer is excited to share with you to incorporate into your homes!

Meet the Designer

Radhika Sharma, Delhi – NCR based Interior designer, talked to our editor team and shared her views on home makeover for summers. She has a keen interest in Art/paintings, which truly makes her stand out from other designers in the industry. Having worked in Residential, corporate and hospitality industry has made her versatile in style and conceptualization. A brilliant interior designer and talented artist Radhika would create space as a reflection of her client, keeping it practical yet giving it an esthetical pleasure. We couldn't be more excited to reveal her expert tips on home makeover.

1. Keep it Cool and airy

Craving for a cool breeze? The best thing you can do for yourself and for your home is to open the windows and doors early in the morning. This is the best time of the day since the air is fresh and soothing and the sun is still not intense. I encourage cross ventilation; it allows your home to breathe and you to enjoy some cool breeze.

2. Add some life

If you are looking for a lively place to live in, the easiest way is to cheer up your space with fresh flowers, potted plants, live walls, etc. My personal favorite is Rajnigandha and White Lily.

You have a great variety of plants and flowers to choose from, and with little efforts, you will have an environment full of positive vibes around you. You can add some plants like money plant and areca palm to your living room and bedrooms which will not only lift up the place but will also keep the air fresh.

3. Choose colors wisely

In summers, as everything looks bright and loud, you may wish to tone it down. My suggestion would be to choose colors which appear more pleasing and soothing to your eyes. For instance, if you like green, then pick that tone of green which is the most pleasing to your eyes. These choices will vary from person to person. Also, incorporating beautiful colors found in nature can make you feel more peaceful and relaxed.

4. Pick the cool material

In summer time it's very difficult to deal with sweat. The most effective solution is to pick cotton based materials or breathable materials for your bedding and sofa sitting. Stay as far as possible from synthetic materials.

Keep the natural light coming in but, if it gets too hot then you can always add a layer of blackout material behind your curtains, or one can even use wooden blinds.

5. Keeping Minimalistic approach

The idea here is, "LESS IS MORE." Try to give a light look to your place instead of a heavy look. The lighter look would give an airier and spacious feel. Avoid having clutter around your living space. A good way is to assign dedicated places for your stuff and to dispose off anything that feels

extra. As summers approach everyone feels the heat entering their heads and having clutter around you would automatically put you in a bad mood. And you definitely don't want that!

Yearning for a space like this to call your own? Talk to our expert designer and watch your imaginings come to life as an affordable, stylish and brand new look for an existing space.

And if you want to see more of Radhika's portfolio, pop over to Art by Radhika!

Please drop any question in comments below regarding your home interiors and get direct advice from our design experts.


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