10 Kids Room Decor Ideas

Today, the kids spend most of their time in their bedroom. The lifestyle is changing very rapidly kids are becoming more prone to the indoor activities.They play, sleep, eat and do all the other activities in their room. So their room should have everything which satisfies their needs. Styling the kid’s room is not an easy task. You should know what are their interests and hobbies for designing the kid’s room. To help you out about the ideas and design for the room décor of kid we have put a sequence of idea for you. These ideas can help you out to decide the décor of the kid’s room.

1. Wall Painting

The first thing that came to a parent’s mind is that what type of color they should

choose for their kid’s room. You can go with 3d wall painting or wall art.

The 3d wall painting gives life to the walls and make them full of life. The walls can

be painted with the favorite cartoon character of your kid. The 3d wall painting can

be done on the wall or the floor.

2. Bed for kids

The second most important thing in kid’s room is their bed. The bed should be

comfortable for sleep and have enough space so that the kid can sleep properly on the

bed. For two kids you can go for bunk bed or two different single beds for kids.

Bunk bed will be suitable for a small room and the two different single beds will be a

good idea for a large room.

3. Play area for kids

The room should have an empty area where the kids can play on the floor. The play

area will help to grow the kid and make their mind creative and active inside the

house. The play area inside the room will help the kid to do their activities when they

don’t want to go in the playground or park.

4. Window/Ventilation in the room

The kid’s room should have a proper ventilation or window, with the help of which

the fresh air can came in the room that will improve the health and develop the

body and mind of the kid. The curtains of the window can be the favourite color of

your kid.

5. Wall decoration

For wall decoration you can put the photos of the kid on the wall. This will represent their childhood and the journey of kid’s life to them. This wall can also be called as the memory lane.

Or you can go with the second idea to have the kid’s name on the wall so that they can

feel more connected with the room.

6. Star ceiling

Star ceiling gives the fake appearance of the sky. The radium stars are stuck on the roof of the room and they shine when the lights are off and there is total darkness in the room. This will create an illusion to the kid that they are sleeping under the open sky.

7. Characters bedspread for kid’s bed

The bedspread can have the character which the kids want to become in future printed over the bed sheet. They will be full of enthusiasm when they sleep over these bed sheets. Different prints of bed sheets came on the market. You can choose any of them according to your kid’s demands.

8. Study table

The study table in the room of kids will provide a structured study environment that will lead to academic success of the kids. The drawers in the table can help to contain the books and other stationery items for the kids.

9. Toy shelf

All the kids have a lot of toys and playing stuff. Some storage place should be there in the room to put them so that they don’t look scattered everywhere in the room. The shelf above the bed or above the study table can be used as the storage place for the toys. The cubord are used to store the clothes of the kids. The bed drawers can also be used for the same.

10. Innovative things

The innovative things in the room will develop the kid’s minds and make them

creative. The innovative things will give a different an attractive look to the room.

They can be in the form of toys, table lamp in the shape of a rocket or the bed in the

shape of a truck or bus.


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