May 3, 2019

Nature Inspired Home Designs

A home should be designed in such a way that it is welcoming, comfortable, and feels fresh and open. Moreover, a beautifully and meticulously designed and furnished home goes for a long time before you want to bring new interiors. Nature and people go hand-in-hand and nature has its own unique and special abilities to comfort you. Feeling a cool summer breeze to the super-pleasant aroma after a summer downpour, from the charming sound of waves in ocean to the quiet of woody mountains, being able to live close to nature can enhance your life.

Bringing elements of nature into your interiors will give you a home which is gorgeous, classy and peaceful. When you come back to such home after a long and tiring day, it will release all the nagging troubles of life and makes you content, calm and heal your body and mind.

Take a look at these ideas of Nature theme based interiors

  1. Living Room

    A simplistic yet classy application of wooden floor, coffee table, furry rug and inclusion of greenery in the form of plants over white background gives a life into your home. This gives the space a natural and spacious look.

    Imagine watching the first rain from the window while sipping a cup of warm coffee, or chilling with your loved ones in the cozy and comfortable environment or toss over a furry cover over your sofas in winters and it will serve as a perfect space to feel the warmth and relaxation.

  2. Kitchen

    Allowing natural daylight will make your kitchen come alive by popping the color in furnishings, wall decor and a fresher feeling. A few greeneries will also add that natural interior style. Keep the color palette simple and cool.

  3. Bedroom

    WOW?! The addition of wooden frame with your bed gives a sophisticated touch. You may hang some small LED lights it, which will give it a starry night view when you switch off the other lights. Placement of a few real plants will add serenity to the bedroom and they are proven to help you have a better night’s sleep. They will also be a perfect accent for your natural interior theme. A brown-grey or warm beige interior paint is ideal as the base shade of your bedroom.

    Include natural materials such as wood paneling, an oak bed or walnut flooring. This will highlight as a part of your whole theme. Decorative accessories should be kept minimum in this space, this will avoid cluttering meanwhile creating a relaxing space perfect for a great night’s sleep.

    A textured rug will add as the ideal finishing touch in the bedroom, a great surface for feet when you wake up in the morning and an easy way to pull together the natural interior design feel.

  4. Drawing Room

    Wooden flooring, a fashionable rug, wooden panel ceiling, a few paintings and wooden furnishings – a perfect drawing room which all your guests will call awesome. A real plant will enhance the effect. Bring in daylight through stylish wood blinds which add a vintage feeling. A darker shade on the wall will bring a classy contrast to the light colored sofa set. Lighting treatment should be used that disperse the light and is eye-pleasing. Don’t keep too bright, let the daylight work its magic. A decent table lamp may also be used to add to the scene.

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