April 27, 2019

These 5 Things Are Worth Spending On For Your Home

If you’ve just moved to a new city or bought your first home or want to redesign your home, congratulations! You need to know things are worth spending on. Now the fun part really begins: designing your new space and filling it with the things you’ve always wanted.

When it comes to designing a space from scratch, deciding upon new furnishings and décor can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, of all the decisions you have to make (paint colors, design styles, and customization options, to name a few), figuring out where most of your budget should go doesn’t need to be so hard. We’ve narrowed it down to just five items and areas of your home that are worth the investment. So go ahead and splurge on the below—they’ll be worth it for years to come.

  1. A BED

    Our expert tip: spend wisely on pieces that you’ll use every day. At the top of the list is your bed, one of the most worthwhile investments you’ll make. Spend on a comfy mattress and stylish bed frame to create a restful oasis that will last a long time and surely get you to peak R&R every evening.

  2. A SOFA

    You’ll be spending most of your evenings and lazy days off on your sofa, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s worth every penny. Your sofa should be as deep as you like it and of course comfortable—be sure to try it in person so you’re sure that it passes the seat test. Less expensive pillows and throws can come later after you’ve chosen the best couch for your home.


    Kitchen is one of the most important p;ace in the house and it requires a lot of organisation. Our experts believe cooking in a beautiful kitchen adds a taste to the food so spending on the kitchen is a wise way to go forward.


    A great dining table can make all the difference during those romantic dinners for two or gatherings with friends. Whether you’re looking for a small dining table or a long 10-seater, invest in a marble or solid wood table that will last for years. The natural material will age beautifully over time and you can even use it as a double duty desk for bigger work project needs.


    Area rugs can completely transform a space. Feel free to spend the big bucks on a beautiful statement Moroccan or Persian rug that’ll add texture and color to your space. Give it a neutral base by layering it over an inexpensive natural jute or seagrass rug, creating a visually balanced look and feel for your home.

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