April 24, 2019

5 Things to consider before designing your home

If you are planning to move into a new house or renovate your home, there are somethings you need to know before you start. It is utmost important that you get the design right as there is no space for mistakes, and you don't want any regrets later on. Designing a home is more than panning the layout of the kitchen, bathroom, livingroom and bedroom, it is an expression of your creativity, taste or style.

Before you get started with designing your new home or renovating your house, you will need to do a lot of research about things like the costs of materials and hiring professional interior designer to do the job. However, thankfully not all the research to be done when designing a house is boring. There will be lots of browsing through inspiring pictures which could give you ideas for your home, and crystaspace is here to help you with all that. So let's get started on this exciting journey shall we?

  1. Make a list

    The best way to keep yourself in check about things is by writing it down, so start by setting some goals for yourself of what you want to achieve by designing the house. List down questions you have or ideas you get so you can discuss it with your interior designer.

  2. Think about budget range

    Your interior designer will give you designs and suggest products according to your budget range. The designer will give bill of materials for all the things he will use and you will get to know how much it cost to your pocket. After all there's no point in having a well-designed home by getting under financial stress.

  3. Speak out loud

    Tell your designer very openly what kind of style you want in your kitchen, bedroom, studyroom, livingroom, bathroom and balcony so that he can see it from your eyes and present you the desgin that you are seeking. Design should reflect what is in your mind otherwise you will not be satisfied.

  4. Get 3D Design

    Before finalizing the design concept, ask your designer to give it to you in 3D so that you can visualise the presented design fully and based on that you can take a better descision.

  5. Know Your team

    Make sure you know the architects, interior designers and other team members involved in the designing of your house properly. Check if they are properly certified and understand your needs and style that you want. You also need to consult with the team members about the costs of these services and the materials involved in designing the house.

Enjoy the Journey
Since the only thing that is certain is this moment, stay in the present and try to enjoy every step of designing the house of your dreams. Don't worry too much about the final outcome… it will be a long journey so enjoy the ride.

We hope this article has been encouraging. For more ideas and inspiration, you can refer to our article titled '6 Interior design ideas to transform your home for summer'.

Please drop any question in comments below regarding your home interiors and get direct advice from our design experts.

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