August 6, 2019

10 Design Ideas for Small Modular Kitchen

When it comes to designing your small modular kitchen, the key is creativity. A creative mind can make the smallest kitchen look spacious. When your kitchenette is no larger than the size of a closet, even one person standing in there can feel like too many people.

Below are a few tricks that you can use to make your tiny kitchen look commodious:

  1. Store things high up the ceiling

    You can make your kitchen cabinets as high as the kitchen ceiling to put the free space on the walls into use. The least used supplies can be stored in the uppermost cabinets while the lower cabinets can hold the remaining supplies that you need more often. Get your cabinets custom-made, personalized according to your own kitchen dimensions so as not to miss any free space that could have been of use for your small, but spacious kitchen. This is a very strategic idea to save your ground space in the kitchen and make it look voluminous at the same time. On the same hand, the lower area of your kitchen looks more sizeable, and the kitchen as a whole looks sizeable. To make your kitchen look more authentic, you can even keep a ladder in your kitchen that does not take up much space. It gives your kitchen country look besides helping you pick up stuff from the upper cabinets.

  2. Use the wall space judicially

    In many homes, the back wall in the kitchen is empty and neglected. However, it can be used to contribute to the storage capacity of the kitchen. Try to make the wall as attractive and intimidating as possible. You can use innovative ideas to make your compact kitchen look presentable. Smaller shelves can also be used for your glasses. You might as well use hooks attached to your wall for hanging mugs and some of your cutlery. You can make or buy wooden divisions for the back wall to keep the similar containers together. This makes the kitchen look clean, tidy and organized. Remember to keep only presentable containers and supplies visible in your kitchen. The remaining supplies can be kept inside, within the opaque wooden cabinets.

  3. Use wallpapers and patterns

    Geometric and striped wall and floor designs are good for drawing the eyes lengthwise or vertically, so a well-chosen pattern could just be the thing when you want to make your kitchen look longer or taller than it is. A checked tile design, for example, definitely looks more dynamic when the pattern is laid squarely rather than on the diagonal. Geometric and striped wall and floor designs are good for drawing the eyes lengthwise or vertically, so a well-chosen pattern could be just the thing when you want to make your kitchen look longer or taller than it is. A checked tile design, for example, definitely looks more dynamic when the pattern is laid squarely rather than on the diagonal.

  4. Cut Down the kitchen equipment

    Why keep 30 plates when you only use 5 at home? Cut down the kitchen-ware to a bare minimum to provide more space for your kitchen. Keeping anything on your kitchen shelf makes the kitchen look more congested and occupied. Try to only keep the similar crockery and cutlery in your kitchen. All different sets of kitchen-ware take ample space in your kitchen. Use as many dishes that are enough for your particular household. Your kitchen will look smaller for every extra dish you keep in your home. The emptier the kitchen shelf, the roomier your kitchen will look.

  5. Make your Kitchen Appealing

    Who will even take notice of the size of your kitchen if it looks pleasing to the eye anyway? When you decorate your kitchen and make it beautiful, the narrowness and compact size of your kitchen can be overlooked, and becomes unnoticeable. To make your kitchen presentable, you can use different ceiling lights or chandeliers that do not make your kitchen look tight, but make it more exquisite and elegant. Remember not to use very extensive lights or decorative material that might make your kitchen look more compact. Besides, you can use various creative ideas using your own composite brain. You can even design a custom theme-based kitchen for yourself. There are many pleasant and varied kinds of wall hangings too, if you have the space for a few. Some of us like to collect crazy stuff like russian dolls, porcelain mugs and other antique art pieces. You can even use these pieces for your kitchen to make it look noticeable.

  6. Connect your kitchen and dining area

    It is a very sophisticated and trendy idea for smaller kitchens. In place of making a separate kitchen and dining area, you can connect them with a cute pass-through. Not only does it open up both rooms, but the countertop adds a spot for breakfast if you don't have room for a nook in the kitchen. This adds up an extra space for your kitchenette and look elegant at the same time. You can beautify the dining table with some fresh flowers or some antique salt and pepper holders, cutlery stands etc. The dining table might even hide the small size of your kitchen when looked from the outside. If there is no space for a dining table, you can simply add up a counter bar. The casual and comfortable feel of these stools creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which is perfect for easing you into the day. You can find bar stools in a variety of designs, colours and styles, so you should easily find a set which really boost your kitchen’s appearance in the style stakes.

  7. Fake it till you make it

    Use scientific tricks to make your kitchen look considerable. Mirrored glass on cabinet doors instantly enlarges a small kitchen. We can't all have high ceilings, but we can fake them. Lacquer yours in a colour that complements the walls, and it'll look like the walls extend much higher than they actually do. Score!

  8. Embrace the limited space

    When there's not much you can do with a cramped space without making it feel even smaller, add a cushy rug. It'll warm it up, and add colour and pattern without overwhelming your kitchen. After all, the smaller, the cosier! Take advantage of the fact that your space is small and turn it into a jewel box. Think brass hardware, marble countertops, and glam statement lighting. You may not have a ton of counter/floor space to play with decor, so make a statement on your walls. If you don't want it to feel too overpowering, accent with it instead of covering an entire wall. These things turn the focus from the size of your kitchen to its elegance. If the space is small, play around with fun wallpaper. Something with a little sheen will make the room gleam.

  9. Use pot racks

    Bulky pots and pans can be a nuisance as they take up a lot of valuable kitchen space. Piling them up in cabinets is one solution to keep them off your countertops, but what about the rest of your kitchen appliances and dinnerware? Where are they going to go? To free up extra cabinet space, keep your pots and pans within arm’s reach with a handy pot rack. This sturdy rack is the epitome of stylish kitchen organization, as it not only keeps your pots together, but creates a fun focal point in the room.

  10. Paint the inside of cabinets

    Painting the inside of your cabinets can totally change your kitchen’s interior aesthetics. It brings colour to your kitchen. It’s a known fact that colour makes everything look beautiful. Choose a colour according to your kitchen décor that fits well in your kitchen. Moreover, if you place beautiful crockery inside it, it would most likely draw the attention of one’s eyes. More like some icing on the cake!

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