July 29, 2019

20 Best Wall Decor Ideas

Recently moved in a new apartment? Or, bored of your same old house with the same old and possibly blank walls? They say, a person’s house (and also their playlist, btw) says a lot about them. So it’s about time you decorate your walls according to your taste and wow everyone that decides to judge you by the interiors of your house. Say no to empty, lifeless walls and yes to these lovely, affordable and easy to implement, twenty ideas!

  1. Mirror on the wall

    Hanging a mirror (or a number of small mirrors) is quite a simple way to make your wall look more neat and attractive while also completing the look of the entire room. Additionally, they also help in making the room look bigger than it actually is when they catch light and cast it upon the relaxed interiors. Choose amongst several options of mirror according to the look that you want to adopt for your house – keep it contemporary or rustic or just oh-so-simple! Moreover, you can even decide to just prop it against the wall if hanging it on the wall does not suit your style.

  2. Plants are one of man's best friends

    Consider giving a wild, lush, green spin to your room. Hang cute, little potted plants on the wall to create a succulent and beautiful space in your room. These vertical gardens will be eco-friendly while also eye pleasing and a little bit of a dream come true for any nature lover who lives in a cramped space with no other way and option of cultivating greenery. While delivering a style statement of its own, this décor idea would also be great for the current times where global warming is on an alarming rise.

    Get more plant based decoration ideas.
  3. Art on the wall

    Art speaks to the soul. There is plenty of art available in the market that would complement your walls very well and also appeal to your sense of style. Hang a large scale painting above your furniture or buy various, similar sized paintings and hang it symmetrically, creating a gallery wall. If you’re an artist yourself, this is the best way to make your house look fancy while also flaunting your wonderful talent. As much as splashing colors on your walls seems like a good idea, consider choosing a black and white painting, they are equally classy and stunning and give a contemporary vibe.

  4. Memory wall

    Hanging photographs which capture your life’s precious memories is a great and heartwarming idea. Again, you can either hang a life size photograph of your one big moment or hang multiple photographs from over the time. Get all your photographs framed in same frames to make your wall look more neat and sharp. Besides making your wall look smarter, it’s good for the days when nostalgia hits you. So don’t keep those pictures in an album anymore, bring it all out!

  5. Wall hanging for days

    An easy and quite inexpensive way to make your walls seem fuller. Do-it-yourself or buy it from a store, wall hangings will really help give you an attractive twist to your house. Hang a vintage macramé or put to use all those seashells you found on your beach trip or hang some roses with a string on the wall! Get as creative as you want to, it’s all good. Get more curtains ideas here.

  6. Wallpapers on the wall

    Wallpapers are the most common, easiest and cheap way to get your walls alive. Go for a simple striped wallpaper if you are one of the minimalists, or a more green leafy wallpaper if you wish to wake up with a feeling of being surrounded in utter greenery, or just put a cute cheery print wallpaper if that fits your bill. There’s something out there for everyone, quite literally! Just needs a little bit of online surfing or trips to your favorite utility store and you’ll find something to match your standard.

  7. Lights on the wall

    Hate to sleep in a perfectly still and dark room? Do it no more! These firefly lights are such a fun way to get your wall look dreamy and help you sleep better, too! Play around with them, hang them behind your bed along with some curtains, get creative and draw some shapes with these lights, or just hang them along with some Polaroid photographs! Quite an easy breezy look, right?

  8. Hang your faves

    Are you a musician? Even better, a guitarist? Why store the guitars in their dull bags? Put some storage hooks and hang them on the walls. Let everyone know you probably might end up having big gigs some day in future! Not only does this idea help in saving some space in your house but also makes your walls stylish and truly artistic. Music gets us all, does it not?

  9. Dream catchers

    Dream catchers are believed to protect sleeping people from bad dreams and nightmares. They come in so many colors and sizes and as their name suggests, they are quite dreamy and fairylike to look at. If you want your walls to have a soft and soothing look to it, you cannot go wrong with dream catchers. Hang one or hang lots, there is nothing to hold you back!

  10. Bookworms attack the walls

    So you have a lot of books and all your storage is running short with every new addition you make to your pile? Stop hiding your books in every nook and cranny and make some use of those empty walls! Branch out a wooden bookshelf against your colorless and seemingly blank wall and show off your books, nerds! It’s time to be well read and proud about those library cards. Your walls will thank you later for making them seem intellectual! Get more bookshelf ideas here

  11. Let's use the those books again

    Each one of us have a favourite book and then there is a paragraph or a couple of lines from that book that has just left a lasting impact on us like nothing else has. Get that page from the book framed in a life size picture and hang it on your wall so you can read it every single day. The enormity of the page will still not be equal to the impact you felt when you read those words, right? But at-least it’s out there. So, go do it!

  12. Flowers for the win

    Are you one of those people who keep flowers in the middle of your notebooks and reminisce about them on one fine day when you discover them years later still safely kept in between your books? Great! This idea would speak to you on an intimate level then. Use all those dried flowers and give your walls a beautiful, colourful look with the dead flowers. Do not throw them away, anymore. These dried and dead flowers still have the sweet smell and power to turn your bare wall into so much more!

  13. Never forget the dates

    Now not only will your wall look vibrant but it’d also be quite useful to put up a calendar for your own sake. You’ll never forget any important date and this idea will also make your wall look smart and stylish. Utility and beauty can go hand in hand together and this is all the proof you need!

  14. Maps on the wall

    If you are a travel enthusiast and want to make your walls speak the same language as your heart does then worry not! The world map on your walls will help you create a unique style statement of your own and will also remind you to book your tickets and go for your next vacation when it’s time.

  15. Bricks on the wall

    If you like the look of how the exposed, brick wall seems but ended up having a drywall to deal with, it’s okay. There are a lot of brick wallpaper options that look so realistic and will satiate your desires in absolutely no time. Now, give your walls that rustic and rough exterior look that you so wish to see!

  16. Rugs on the wall

    This one is a little off beat idea but if you have rugs that you use no more and have no idea what to do with them, wash them and hang them up on your wall. It’s an easy thing to do but will end up leaving cozy and simplistic impression. Minimalism is the current trend as it is. Try it!

  17. Crockery on the wall

    A lot of us have so many china crockery in our house, safely kept in cabinets, out of everyone’s eyes. Do not do that anymore. Bring them out, show off your collection all the while giving such a sophisticated look to your earlier boring, blank wall! You can do this with almost any of your collections that you find fit to flaunt.

  18. Hang a Tapestry

    There is a wide variety of tapestry – bohemian, mandala, bansky style, sun and moon, old style like map drawings or drawings of monarchs, screen printed, digital printed – available at your disposal to suit your needs. They come in both affordable and costly prices so you can make a smart choice of what would work best for your house. Hanging a tapestry on your wall would make them look like a piece of art in itself.

  19. Animal Gallery on the wall

    If you are an animal lover, you would most definitely consider this idea. Hang pictures or paintings of your favourite animal and announce it to the world (or at-least the people that visit your house) that you’re a dog person (or a cat person!). Do it for your pet if you have one or do it anyway to fill the void of not having a pet yet!

  20. Just put a cabinet

    So, keeping the string of minimalistic ideas going on, just put a cabinet against your empty wall. Maybe keep some terra cotta or antique pots on its roof and display your most prized and precious cutlery for all the guests to eye and admire. This is quite an elegant way of storing your stuff all the while giving your walls a fine look!

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