July 11, 2019

5 Designs Ideas for your Home Outdoor Spaces

Home is a place where our mind gets a little stress free, where our hearts are not running a marathon and where we breathe little more, and peacefully. That’s why the aesthetics of the same should be as appealing as we never would want to leave our home, which leave any guest awestruck. Basically the sort of house which gives the homey-cozy feeling, it should feel like nothing else but home. And it will not only be your home but of your kids as well, it will be a part of their memory just as much you will be, let’s make them some good ones.

Just like every human being is different in this world, their choices, tastes and preferences are diverse as well. Everyone wants their homes to represent their personalities.

Outdoor space of a house is equally important element as a master bedroom, as it is the showcases the connection between space and earth and has to be phenomenal. Here are some ideas which are used worldwide to enhance the beauty of the outdoor space of your home.

  1. Give the best entertainment with television

    Television has been an important in the lives of the people ever since it was invented, whether used to watch football match or Netflix, television serves all the entertainment. By adding a television in your outdoor space, it becomes cozier even outside the walls. Imagine sitting with your family and friends on a summer evening on couches, sipping your cup of coffee and nice-cool breeze is flowing, watching your favorite series and laughing together, lovers staring at one another more than to the tv and observing them, making a story of their own and your outdoor will play an essential part in it, making life long memories. With rustic or industrial interior on the walls and around the master television, that part of the house will surely become one of the most loved areas of yours where you will be spending most of your time at home.

  2. Leave every one awestruck with kitchen and dining area

    We have seen so many movies where there is a big house with big backyard where mom is cooking for the kids or where a family is hosting a barbeque party with so many guests around them; telling and praising them of how good they cook. That is what one actually experience when they have a kitchen and dining space outside, where you can cook and eat under the stars, without artificial fragrances around but just the aroma of soul and trees. And in monsoon it will have its own to-die feeling when it’s raining and your partner is making some delicious hot meal, which you will enjoy so close to the pouring water and just like a scene in movies you suddenly want to just step out and dance your heart in the rain; or like a night in winter when snow is falling and you are holding everything together, making a cup of tea and just watching it fall from nowhere, turning the green grass into white like a blanket you are inside, all warm and nice, just experiencing life.

  3. Set the world on fire with fire places/pits

    One of the most loved and chosen idea for outdoor space is installing of a fire place. It not only makes the place warmer but gives comfort and when you live in colder regions, it is one of the most basic things. It makes home-homier and much more than just a place where you live. With some soft, beautiful and contemporary interior – personally designed for you; will become your escape and a safe place near fire. This is like you are challenging the cruel snow to try to make you cold against the heat of fire. Being around that place gives soothes your heart and momentarily you tend to forget all what worries you. You will find yourself near it whenever you are too scared for facing the world, it will act like a shield and become your escape. It makes your home much more welcoming and gives the expression of love and care.

    So do look and consider this option but only when you live in a cold region because- logic.

  4. Add some spice and sprinkle it with a pool
  5. Built a hut within home

    Over the years, outdoor spaces are widely utilized by making a small hut in it. It is very modern vision and is supper different than any other idea. It makes a perfect place for chilling, gives picnic vibes, a romantic place to spend evening where you can pretend that you are on an island, just with your beloved under open sky and not cemented roof.

    With plain bedsheets and colorful cushions, it becomes the epitome of what relax evenings should be like. Away from all the technology, with a glass of wine while hearing the breaths of the love your life is makes the life so much better. If you want a life which is free from the toxic-pretending world then this is the most appropriate choice you should make.

    Try crystaspace's designers for your to design your home outdoor space.

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