June 28, 2019

Stylish Design Ideas for Your Bookshelves

After dogs, books are a man’s best friend, and keeping friends close is the way to life. For people who still prefer hard-back copies over kindles or online portals, bookshelves and personal libraries hold a lot of meaning. Keeping books according to preferred sorting manners can only be possible on the bookshelves of a private library. Passionate readers tend to find creative ways to make their libraries look attractive while at the same time creating a calm atmosphere for reading. Over time people have come up with various design ideas for their bookshelves, which also prove as inspirations for others.

Bookshelf sizes and shapes differ according to their location and availability of space. In some situations you have to find out ways to optimally use the amount of space you have where as in others, you have to somehow cover the whole room and not make it look crowded. Bookshelves need to be accommodating but at the same time need to be able to give the books enough room to breathe. They do make rooms look fuller but also add an aesthetic touch to the space.

Coming back to styling ideas for bookshelves, one can notice that bookshelves have evolved over time from just being open cuboids to shapes like circles, hexagons, crescents, and many others to count. Let’s look at some ways in which people have designed their bookshelves:

  1. The classic old open cuboid bookshelf never goes out of style. The advantages of this style are that this way there is full optimisation of the available space and there is always more room for books.

  2. Some creative minds even shape their bookshelves in silhouettes of people and characters they love, like the symbols of various superheroes. You will see numerous customised bookshelves in the shape of superhero symbols and of various other cartoon characters.

  3. Also let’s not forget the shapes of unique items be it food related or any other used as ideas for a bookshelves by people. This way they combine two of their favourite things together to make one lovable structure. People have used teacups, maps, trees and other personal interests they may have to make bookshelves.

  4. What’s better than having an entire word as your bookshelf? We have found people using names, words and small quotes as ideas for the same. Using block letters not only gives a lot of space for books but also adds to the look of the bookshelf. Reading an inspirational quote may even brighten up the dullest of your days.

  5. Then of course there are abstract ideas for intellectual minds who think beyond the bookshelf. These kind of bookshelves look aesthetic and at the same time give a lot of room for books to be kept.

    Bookshelf preferences differ from person to person. There are a lot of factors affecting the placement, shape, size, color, etc of a bookshelf. Bookshelves for kids and older people will always be different. A kids’ bookshelf will be colourful and a little quirky. It will require to have room for extremely sizes of books (big or small) that come for children. A bookshelf meant for children will need to be inviting and enticing so as to motivate them to read. On the other hand, bookshelves for elders will be relatively plain and their main aim would be to hold as many books as possible.

    Bookshelves may also differ for people pursuing different occupations. Teacher, professors or writers may need huge wall sized shelves to fill in all of their books. Whereas for someone who only reads as a hobby, a small bookshelf that looks inviting and can hold the amount of books they own will be enough. Shelves may also differ according to the type of books being kept on them. If the books are all heavy and study related a fancy bookshelf may not be able to take their weight but it will be best suited for keeping novels and comics.

    One other difference may be depending on the spacial and financial ability of the person. These in fact are two of the most important things to keep in mind while designing a bookshelf. These two things may also help in narrowing down the wide variety of options to choose from. Suiting a bookshelf according to your room, house and budget is the best way to start deciding upon its style.

    Bookshelves are an investment where you also need to be careful of the material being used. A sturdy bookshelf made out of good quality wood, like any other furniture item, stands longer and even looks better. Another aspect of bookshelves that needs consideration is the lighting on the shelf and in the room where it is. It is natural for any person to just sit beside the bookshelf and start reading, and for that it is important to have sufficient and ambient lighting to read well, with comfortable spaces to sit.

    Along with aesthetics and space utilisation, books also help in altering the aura of the room and the house as a whole. Thus having a bookshelf, also helps in bringing mental peace and wellbeing to the body and mind. A bookshelf can create a sense of calm in life and it also lays there as an encouraging factor to stay off the digital world for some time. A lot of things in life can be affected by the choices we make, thus it is important that one deliberates over them and chooses wisely.

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