June 18, 2019

5 Interior Design Ideas For Beautiful And Romantic Bedroom

A romantic bedroom has a warm and inviting atmosphere. Decor of a romantic bedroom does not revolve around colour, certain shapes, or icons that represent love and togetherness, it is more about comfort and style that is sensual and promotes intimacy. The decor should soothe your mind and put emphasis on your emotions. So, here are 5 ideas to help you make your bedroom interior romantic and homely.

  1. Gallery Wall

    What is more romantic than looking at a wall full of pictures and reminiscing good old days with your partner. A gallery wall is a collection of pictures or art that portray a story or journey. The wall reflects experiences and unique memories of the person who collected the pieces. It is the best way to add a personal statement to your room without painting or papering the wall.

    Releasing those photos from phone and hanging them in beautiful frames give us a sense of belonging when we enter the room. It feels like home. You don’t have to be an architect or planner to design your wall. You just need a framework of your experiences and memories that you want to cherish for lifetime. So there is no hurry take your time and choose what you want to frame.

  2. Candles

    Candles and romance go hand in hand. The soft flickering light of candle creates a romantic ambience be it a dinner date, bedroom decor or a luxurious bath. Nobody can deny that candles are best to set the mood and also make a gorgeous decor. They bring a particular element to the bedroom and makes you feel warm and cozy.

    The fragrance of scented candles after a tired day is perfect to lit up your mood. The scent of candles fill your room with something original and personal. It creates a scent of your room that soothes you after you return from outside world. Candles can be of varying types such as flameless candles, tealight candles, candle pot etc. One should often mix and match various types of candles to create perfect ambience.

  3. Canopy Beds

    Canopy style beds are a perfect blend of romance and elegance. The silk draped over your sleeping quarters talk the language of romance. They give an exotic feel to the room adding a subtle touch of dreaminess and cosiness. The canopy encloses the bed completely giving privacy, comfort and warmth. Pairing the bed with pillows and bedsheet of sensuous fabric such as silk and satin romanticizes the atmosphere even more.

    The bed filled with pillows and curtains around resembles a cocoon and a small world of your own cut-off from outside chaos. It resembles pleasant and calm atmosphere which is exactly what one needs in a bedroom. So, while renovating your bedroom do think of a canopy bed for romantic decor. When compared to a normal bed frame canopy beds are much larger in size so, they are not preferred in low ceiling or not-so-spacious room.

  4. Fairy lights

    Using fairy lights as home decor is a pretty basic but also classic and affordable way to brighten up your gloomy bedroom. Be it bookshelves, canopy beds, jars, headboard fairly lights fit everywhere creating a soft glow of shine. When used over canopy beds it feels magical as if we are staring at zillion of stars while sleeping. The sight of the bed reflecting on the a vintage mirror decorated with fairy lights is mesmerising. When wrapped around your favourite snaps hung on the wall it makes the wall a perfect display. Fairy light comes with variety of uses to light up your night and no matter what they never go out of style.

  5. Flowers

    As basic and cliché as they sound but scent of flowers will always soothe your tired spirits. Splendid bloom with various colours create a perfect romantic atmosphere. If a bedroom is perfectly designed to put florals in right spaces then it elevates the mood to another level.

    Delicate flowers like lotus, orchids create sensual atmosphere as their scent is not overpowering allowing both great sleep and adding stunning visual appearance. Petals of flowers in a bathtub after a tired day is perfect for relieving stress. Flowers decorated with tea light candles in a pot is a win win combination when it comes to creation of perfect ambience. And what is more perfect that a bouquet of roses to express your love. So, when you talk of romance never underestimate the flower power!

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