June 6, 2019

Home Decor Tips: Buy Perfect Curtains For Your Home

Have you bought a new home or moved to another place recently? Here are a few things you can do in buying the right curtains for your sweet home. There are a few things you need to consider before you go shopping and while you shop. Now go on, and read the steps you need to take care to make your home look great.

  1. Measure and count
    • How many windows does your home have?
    • How many doors does your home have?
    • What are the lengths of the curtains required?

    Before you go shopping, keep a count of the number of windows/Openings that require curtains. If your doors/windows are smaller in length than the usual height, you may alter their size by giving them to a tailor so as to make them fit your doors/windows. This trick actually makes your home look aesthetically well and organized. This step is quite crucial and important, if you don’t do this, you will have no idea how many to buy and what size you have to buy. So, this is quite important.

  2. Choosing the color - Look around you

    Do you live in cold regions or hot?

    Well, it does matter when you are buying curtains for your home. If you live in hot regions, you need to choose lighter shades so that the curtains not only cover your windows/doors and provide privacy, they also help to regulate the temperature. It is a well-known fact that darker shades allow more heat and lighter shades do not allow much heat. So, any color closer to white is preferred over the others. Plus, add a black out layer so that you can avoid the extra sun coming in your room.

  3. The fabric and it's thickness

    What do you need, cotton or silk or nylon?

    How do you decide what is the best-suited fabric? You can choose any fabric that you like and suits your home. Well, it will all depends on the use of that area. For example, if you have created a home theater room. Then, you need to pick a thick fabric. So that, the sound can be absorbed as much as possible and other areas do not get disturbed.

    And also, the thickness also plays a key role in deciding the look of your home. If you choose a light cloth, it allows sunlight and creates a shadow effect which in turn also makes the pattern not visible in the light. If you choose a thicker cloth, it not only prevents the light from the sun but the pattern is also clearly visible.

  4. Choosing the Texture/Pattern

    A textured or a curtain with pattern will enhance the beauty of your home. One quick tip: Go through a few patterns on Amazon/any other e-commerce website and have a good pre-knowledge of what type of pattern suits your home better. This trick actually helped me a lot.

  5. Visit an actual store

    You will only get to know the exact thickness, texture and how it feels, when you touch the actual fabric. Also, the looks of the pattern can always deceive you when you buy online. You can get an actual look of the curtain and feel the fabric only when you visit a store to buy.

    Things to look for while shopping for curtains:

    1. Can you wash them in a washing machine or do they require dry clean?

      It is important to know if the curtains can be washed regularly in a machine or do, they require dry cleaning. Since, in every 2-3 months it needs a wash. Dry clean requires special attention and costs more. So, it’s good to choose your curtains accordingly.

    2. Keeping a check on your Budget!

      Yes, curtains can be overpriced sometimes. But, you can always have some prior knowledge of the prices by going through a few e-commerce websites and checking out what brand, what size and material are of what price. You can always decide what’s best for you with the budget you choose.

      Now, you know how to buy some good curtains for your home, follow these steps and you are good to go. Otherwise you can talk to Crystaspace's expert designers and cosult with them.

      Happy Shopping!

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